What we do


We bring partners who deliver leading Coworking management and marketing platforms, providing the best experience to our clients and driving demand for space.


Our team oversees every step of planning and construction to create a hassle free experience for the landlord.


We bring value to office investors and building owners with a reliable stream of market-rate rents.


We bring people, businesses, and excitement to commercial office buildings.


We have built a great team of professionals with over a decade of office ownership and operational experience.

What Adapted Office Means

Office Owners

  • Bring Excitement Back to Office Again

    Experience shows, new construction and the presence of people drives excitement and energy. Energy, which leads to new occupancy through traditional office leasing models.

  • Diversify Revenue Streams

    74% of companies use or plan to implement a hybrid work model. Capture this! Coworking space offers an opportunity to diversify an office building’s revenue stream.

  • Upsell to Growth

    As smaller users outgrow their Coworking spaces, they tend to look for space first in the same building, generating additional tenant leads for Building Owners.


(Office tenants)
  • CEOs and Leaders of companies know 83% of their employees prefer a hybrid work model:
    • 29% of survey respondents indicated they would quit their jobs if remote work was eliminated.
    • Half of potential employees won’t take a job that doesn’t offer flexible work.
  • Managers know productivity increases when employees are focused on work, and away from distractions that inevitably exist at home.
  • Managers also understand working together can foster creativity and innovation through collaboration and knowledge sharing, leading to new ideas and solutions.
  • Employers increasingly offer their employees a stipend for non-traditional office space.
  • Coworking spaces can attract talented professionals who are looking for a dynamic, collaborative workspace.


(Office tenant's employees - the foundation of office demand)
  • Many employees live in small spaces and struggle creating a distraction-free work space.
  • Employees know commute times are reduced by 72 minutes per day on average when they work locally, which contributes to quality-of-life and cost savings realized directly by them – the employee.
  • Most employees don’t want to work 100% remote, coworking offers people the ability to connect with other professionals to exchange ideas, and make valuable contacts.
  • In a vibrant coworking space, people have the opportunity to make new friends or work with existing friends who may work for another company.

Community and Environment

  • Employees experience a deeper and more frequent connection
    with people from their own communities, driving engagement,
    well-being, and purpose.
  • Working locally reduces energy demand and greenhouse gas
    production and lower carbon emissions.
  • Shared office resources such as printers, scanners, and other
    office equipment reduces consumption.
  • Coworking spaces prioritize sustainable practices, such as
    using eco-friendly cleaning products and implementing
    recycling and composting programs.

Who We Are

We have proven experience in the various aspects of Commercial Office
acquisition, reinvestment leasing, and brokerage, deploying
$125,000,000 of capital.

Our Team

Andy is a co-founder of the Adapted Office Holding Group. Ten years ago, Andy started Valley Equity Group, a real estate investment firm that specializes in deep value-add and distressed office building repositioning. After a decade of success, and more than $100M in deployed capital, Andy brings his expertise around to what makes an office space successful, what office users are looking for, and how to maximize the value of existing office assets to Landlords outside the fold of Valley Equity Group.

Jimmy co-founded the Adapted Office Holding Group alongside Andy Ward. Jimmy has over 12 years in the commercial real estate space, developing everything from small single-tenant retail buildings, to large-scale land redevelopment, always with an eye toward placemaking. Jimmy built Wall Development Group in 2014 and has since completed more than $750M in ground-up development. He now brings his experience and team to bear on maximizing the value Adapted Office brings to the landlord and our clients.

Joe oversees the operation of all of our locations, and works hand-in-hand with our landlords and platform partners to ensure that our spaces provide best-in-class service to our clients. Joe’s depth of experience and unique background allows him to successfully employ a technology-driven approach to the management of all aspects of our business.

Dave brings an analytical and objective approach in leading our site selection process. Dave is instrumental in identifying the optimal markets and buildings for our platform partners and clients. Dave specializes in understanding the markets we are in, and evaluating all options to ensure our sites are the perfect fit.

Mike’s understanding of the fundamentals of our business allows him to develop strong connections with our investors and financial partners. Mike oversees the financial performance of new and existing sites.

Jason has spent his career managing construction for large national chains, single tenant site development, and large multi-tenant commercial developments. The breadth of his experience allows him to ensure that we deliver consistently high-quality spaces that conform to our platform partner requirements, regardless of where in the country we are working.


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